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Churches near the Trail route

IThe churches detailed below are within easy travel distance from other Trail Churches, but do not appear on our leaflet because of space considerations.

The church of St. Andrew, Shelsley Walsh has a 12th century nave and 13th century chancel constructed from travertine stone which was also used in ancient Rome. The original roof timbers are still intact and the plank ceiling of the chancel is decorated with painted gold stars. The 15th century screen is the finest in the county.

From the 13th century the church was linked to the Walshe family who lived in Court House beside the church, and one of whom, Richard Walshe , was involvd with the capture of the gunpowder plotters.

The church is situated at the foot of the Shelsley Welsh Hillclimb, the oldest motoring competition in the world dating from 1905. A special Hillclimb service is held at each meeting for competitors, spectators and visitors.

1. Shelsley Walsh, St. Andrew

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