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12. Heightington, St. Giles

Heightington lies on the edge of the Wyre Forest and it is believed that King John may have visited the chapel to pray whilst on hunting trips.

 The first record of a chapel at Heightington occurs in 1325. Over the centuries the ‘random rubble’ stone building has undergone many alterations. The medieval roof is supported by 17th century king-post trusses. A singing gallery was installed in the 18th century. The simple interior is white-washed though traces of medieval wall paintings have been uncovered, including part of a figure and foliage at the east end, reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry. The mainly 20th century furnishings include a rediscovered medieval altar stone, which was reinstated in 1933. This had been discovered in the churchyard in 1893 since the use of such an altar was against a law passed in 1550. The wooden Jacobean Credence table was used until this time.


The church is now open every day during daylight hours.



From Heightington Church continue on this road to Dunley. At the main road a left turn will take you back to Stourport. Once in the town follow signs for Worcester and Hartlebury until the left turn is signed for Wilden.

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