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Trail walk 2- Ribbesford Circular Walk

This walk is described on a leaflet available from Tourist Information Offices and is waymarked by  a tree symbol logo for the RIBBESFORD CIRCULAR TRAIL.

(More information on walking in Worcestershire from the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 766493)


1.Start/ Finish at Gardner's Meadow Car Park, Bewdley. GR: SO 789751 and walk along the south bank of the River Severn east towards Stourport.  

2. Pass through Blackstone Riverside Park (this is an alternative start/ finish point, GR: SO 791742), and continue along the River bank until the waymark signs indicate joining a road section leading to Ribbesford, St. Leonard's Church.

3. Stop to explore the church, then continue through the churchyard, (noting the

grave of Hannah McDonald- mother-in-law to Eward Burne Jones, Alfred Baldwin etc.)

4. Continue to follow the waymark signs to the car park (2 miles round trip), then perhaps walk into Bewdley for refreshments and a visit to St. Anne's parish Church.

ribbesford trail
ribbesford walk
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