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 St. Peter & St. Paul’s at Rock is the largest Norman parish church in Worcestershire. Built around 1160 it has some of the finest examples of Norman architecture in the West Midlands. The magnificent Norman chancel arch is shown as the first illustration in Simon Jenkins’ book “England’s 1,000 Best Churches”. The font and the north doorway are Norman. The south aisle, built in 1520 by local Judge Coningsby, accommodates his own family tomb and a beautiful Saxon altar stone, previously hidden under the church floor. At the rear of the church is a medieval oak chest, hewn from a solid oak tree trunk, together with the old village stocks and whipping post.


Rock is now open every day during daylight hours. The door is heavy  so a little extra force may be required to push it open!


Parking in churchyard.


11. Rock, St. Peter & St. Paul


Continue past Rock Church for a few hundred yards and take the turning to on the left.  The next turning is to the right onto the Heightington Road and Trail church no. 12- Heightington.

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